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by vernsanders on September 28, 2010

Following the lead of Chris Guillebeau, I’m doing a regular month-end wrap up on the post that comes the closest to the end of the month. Here’s what’s happened this month.


Not as many posts as I would like this month, because of other distracting projects. Fortunately, most of those are now “off my desk,” and I can be more focused upon continuing the blog on my 2 day a week schedule.  Among the posts that did make it to print, I asked the question Would You See A Money Tree?, outlined 3 Easy Steps to “Do what it takes,” and opined that Everybody Has an Interesting Life.

Church Music/Worship

Following up on an earlier post about what I’ve learned after 40+ years of being a choir director, I talked about 8 Important things I’ve Learned in 40+ Years of Being a Worship Leader. There was also a post about the steps involved in preparing to launch a new ministry: I Want to Be Ready. And, of course there were weekly posts in the 101 Great Choir Ideas Series: here, here, here, and, one of my personal favorites: here.


Not so much lately. It looks as if I will be speaking at the Chrisitian Musician Summit in Phoenix in October…I’ll publish more details as I know them.


Thanks for following along. I’m glad you’re here. I hope you feel the same about me.

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