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by vernsanders on June 29, 2010

Following the lead of Chris Guillebeau, I’m doing a regular month-end wrap up on the post that comes the closest to the end of the month.


Lots of variety this month past two months.


I did a series on Arts and the Future of the Church, explained my 48 hour rule told you that I Never Had a Mentor, and why I Prefer Driving, and talked about the benefits of Planting Seeds.

Choral Music

I talked about choral music in Developing Choral Tone by Choosing the Right Music, in Choral Music and Room Acoustics, and in presenting 30 Small Things A Choir Director Can Do to Have a Big Impact on a Choir.

Music and Worship Ministry

I asked  Is It Time For a Church Musicians Union? Is Quality in the Eye of the Beholder or the Creator? and Do You Think Small or Big? Finally, I presented 3 Dangers of Hiring Someone Who Has Something to Prove, and discussed Fixing Boring Church Announcements.


I Spoke on the topic of  The Choir in Modern Worship at the Association of Canadian Choral Communities Podium 2010 conference, where I re-connected with a bunch of my Canadian friends and former students from when I lived there while teaching at the University of Regina, Saskatchewan.


We’ve installed the article database at the Creator Leadership Network site, and just yesterday went live with our second 24/7 streaming audio channel Creator Worship, which complements the offerings currently found on Creator Reverence.

What’s Ahead

On July 21, I’ll be speaking on Leading a Choir and Breaking Down Walls at the  National Worship Leader conference in the Kansas City area. I’m doing a preview of that talk for those who can’t attend at a Webinar on July 15. You can get a $10 discount on registration to this webinar by clicking here and using the code b5d6.

We’ve got some other stuff up our sleeves, so stay tuned…


Thanks for following along. I’m glad you’re here. I hope you feel the same about me.

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