Wait…it’s 2013?

by vernsanders on January 11, 2013

How did this happen?

Oh…I know…my head has been down redesigning the Creator website, implementing a new store at the website, learning Evernote (good resource, by the way…) and using Evernote to transfer a myriad of accumulated paper notes into one place. Oh…and did I mention getting used to Dropbox?

Yes…and there was that little church holiday season with its attached churchmusic insanity (I’m not complaining…)

And this week, I was present, virtually but not bodily (gratuitous reference to our shuffle tune) via google hangout (another great resource…part of google+), and speaking at a conference in Naples, Florida.

But we’re making progress here on the Central Coast, and that feels great.

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Ipod shuffle status (What is this?): 4522 (Body and Soul - Coleman Hawkins)  of 7875

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