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by vernsanders on August 31, 2010

Following the lead of Chris Guillebeau, I’m doing a regular month-end wrap up on the post that comes the closest to the end of the month. We’ve had lots of variety this month past two months.


In July we had a series of conversations: on Planning Ahead, on Holidays and Worship, and on Congregation Size. I also explained why I started a new blog in When I’m 64, asked When did you start doing?, had some Thoughts After Attending the National Worship Leader Conference, and told you How To Change Your Ministry on $1 per week.


In August, there was a conversation about Change in Leadership, and I talked about Why the Most Difficult Tasks are the Most Important.

Choral Music

I also presented a series on why Rehearsals are not Practice that started here, and had a great response to the post 10 Important Things I’ve Learned From 40+ Years of Directing Choirs.


Thanks for following along. I’m glad you’re here. I hope you feel the same about me.

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