What are you doing that someone could do for you?

by vernsanders on April 12, 2011

This month I’ve decided to feature short (at least that’s the plan) bits of random information (most of which has been gleaned from my ongoing transfer of information from the old Creator site to the new one…)
Today’s topic: leadership
Today’s source: THIS IDEA WILL WORK (Lorenz)
Today’s question: Can do delegate or are you a control freak?


Music ministers, college professors, pastors and many other vocations seem to thrive on trying to do everything themselves…with little or no outside help. They set up chairs. They take down chairs. They move chairs. They take chairs to the choir loft. They take chairs from the choir loft. They straighten choir room chairs. They go get chairs. They take chairs back. They stay later than anyone else to do a multitude of tasks that could be given to “willing” volunteers!

Much of what we do in music ministry, and other ministries as well, could be given away to others–who are standing on the sidelines–watching and waiting to be asked to be involved. Some people just will not volunteer but will fulfill a task when asked!. We should be training people in all aspects of leadership…from the most difficult to the most simple…such as moving chairs. Doing everything by yourself and never asking for help are sure signs of (1) insecurity, (2) lack of trust in other people, and (3) thinking that no one can do it better than you can do it. Well…they can…and will, if asked!

Food for thought…

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Brenda Heard July 25, 2011 at 10:00 am

And I would add that often we do things we could give away because we have not planned well enough in advance to give ownership to others!

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