4 Unhealthy Styles of Communication

by vernsanders on April 26, 2011

This month I’ve decided to feature short (at least that’s the plan) bits of random information (most of which has been gleaned from my ongoing transfer of information from the old Creator site to the new one…)
Today’s topic: Communication
Today’s source: Virginia Satir
Today’s question: How well do you communicate?

Four Unhealthy Styles of Communication

1. The Blamer–rationalizes, shifts blame, looks for a culprit. Makes comments such as: “Who messed up?” “You never do anything right.” This person lacks confidence and is afraid of being found out.

2. The Placater–tries to accommodate everyone’s demands. Failing that, the placater apologizes profusely. This person says, “If I make everyone happy, maybe they will love me.”

3. The Super-Reasoner–wants to apply details, specifics, even when not needed or appropriate. No heart. “Just the facts, ma’am!” This person feels out of control in the presence of emotions.

4. The Irrelevant Person–a master at diverting attention from the issue at hand. This person is uncomfortable about people getting to know him or her.

As leaders, it would be helpful to take a walk around ourselves and be on alert for these patterns.

Food for thought…

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