10 Reasons Seminaries Should Teach Worship and Music to Pastors & Musicians

by vernsanders on April 22, 2011

This month I’ve decided to feature short (at least that’s the plan) bits of random information (most of which has been gleaned from my ongoing transfer of information from the old Creator site to the new one…)
Today’s topic: Worship education
Today’s question: Should seminaries teach worship?

Ten Reasons Seminaries Should Teach
and Music to Pastors & Musicians

1. Worship is central to the ministry of every pastor and musician.

2. Music is central to evangelical worship, and the new worship has intensified this centrality: music forms up to 50% of most services.

3. A peer relationship between pastors and musicians is demanded in contemporary worship. This should be a priority between pastor and musicians.

4. Worship requires interdisciplinary study. Seminaries, as an institution, are most able to offer the variety of resources needed to provide a platform for teaching, planning and creating worship to pastors and musicians..

5. Worship aids spiritual formation.

6. Pastors need a theology of worship and music for a better understanding of the arts.

7. Musicians need theological grounding and a better understanding of ministry and the nature of the church.

8. Pastors and musicians should share classes, practicums, and become comfortable with each other prior to their partnership in ministry.

9. Pastors should experience numerous, varied, quality worship experiences in seminaries and have opportunities to design and execute them.

10. Some pastors and musicians have gifts in both preaching and music. Why should only one be developed?”

Food for thought…

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