In which we discuss “social”

by vernsanders on April 2, 2009

OK…I fought (not literally, but intellectually) the idea that facebook was a good thing. I don’t do “social” situations very well…don’t consider myself very good at small talk…I tend to either tune out, or get on to something that I care about and not notice the signs that people might not care as much as I do…

But this facebook thing…It is like having the Manhattan or LA phone book, but there is a special section (pick your favorite color here) where all the people that care about one (or more) things that you care about are listed. It is the embodiment of six degrees of separation.

In the three or so weeks I’ve been on fb, I’ve reconnected with many of my friends from my Canadian sojurn, a number of my high school choir kids from my short service at Santa Rosa Christian School, people I’ve served with in several not for profit organizations, and a bunch of “friends of friends” from all over the globe.

Here’s the cool thing, though…I recently was called to serve at a church that is quite different from most, if not all, of the churches at which I’ve served. Maybe it is me, but the social aspect of this particular faith community is…well, the only word is easy. They are genuine people, who care about each other.

<wait…for all of you that are reading this at places where I’ve served before, don’t get me wrong…it is not that the other churches and their people didn’t care…it is just that this one fits well for me. One of the churches I served can only be defined as (charitably) conflicted (and, from my pov, dysfunctional). One was demographically a bad fit (I was young, they were old…), at one I was “below the stairs” from the social hierarchy standpoint, and…well, you get the picture. But at this one, I feel almost like Sally Field giving her acceptance speech…”they like me…they really like me…” And, just as importantly, I like them…I really like them.>

So, at a ripe old age, I’m learning about community in ways I never have before…and it’s all good.

In other news…I’m excited about an extension of the Creator website that we’ve decided to pursue seriously. It is a big step out, but I am looking forward to providing a wonderful service to our Creator Leadership Network members. More as details can be shared…

So…the list of the day is:

5 things Vern is looking forward to

1. Opening day on April 7: Tim Lincecum pitches for the Giants against the Brewers, and I get to see all my charter seatholder friends at Pac Bell Park

2. The new Creator project

3. The anthem for this Sunday’s worship…and the dramatic way we’re going to introduce it to the congregation (Open the Eyes of My Heart – arr. Jim Lucas, published by Fred Bock Music in the Seasons of Praise series–great arrangement, btw). I know it seems to be weird for a Palm Sunday anthem, but this congregation is moving through the Bible in a year, and it fits perfectly with the Moses being shielded while the Glory of God passes by passage.

4. A new computer for the new Creator project.

5. Teaching at MusiCalifornia in a couple of weeks with Doug Lawrence, Jay Rouse, Glenn Pickett, and Paul Plew.

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