Monday Morning Email for June 15 2009

by vernsanders on June 15, 2009

Good Morning.

Is it summer at your church yet? I serve in an area that has a large college student community, and yesterday we were filled to overflowing with grads and their families. It means that there is always a certain amount of “young person turnover” in the congregation as these folks finish their training and move on (or back to their home towns). At another congregation I served, we were in what the regional newspaper deemed “the perfect suburb,” but we found that there was a certain amount of “junior executive turnover” at this time of year as people moved due to being promoted. One thing that is common, though… we found that new people moved to town in the summer “when the kids are out of school” and that’s when they go church shopping. Are you ready for the church shopping season?


Last week we ran a nice blurb about helping us grow. And then didn’t include the handy dandy email for you to tell your friends. Bad news… The reason is that this program doesn’t allow us to create an email without a “to” address… So…here’s the text you can copy and paste into your email to your friends:


I’m a member of the Creator Leadership Network, and I think you should be too. You’ll get great benefits, like Monday Morning Email. You can join CLN by going to and registering.


and here’s that nice blurb again…for those that missed it…

● Do you like Monday Morning Email? Does it add value to your ministry? Are you willing to help us grow? – We now have about 2650 church music and worship leaders who get MME delivered to their mailbox each week. That’s great! But we figure that there are probably at least 3,000 people out there who would appreciate having this resource, and so I’m asking you to help us find the 350 more people to get to that goal. We’re asking you to tell your friends and colleagues, both at your church and across the country. So….(you are asking)…what’s in it for me (meaning you, the reader)? We’re working on a super duper package of gifts that EVERYONE will get once we hit 3,000 members of the Creator Leadership Network. As we move toward the goal, we’ll be telling you more about what you’ll get (that’s EVERYONE…all 3,000), but here’s a “first taste”

Free Course: How to Get Awesome Results from your Church Committee in Just 21 Days – a 3 part course which includes worksheets and other resources. It is courtesy of The Definitive Leader.

We have a new survey! Please go to our home page and take the survey on how you get your music/worship ministry training.

Article compilation CDs – We no have 3 collections of back articles in pdf format on CD Rom. The Choir and Leadership collections ($19.95 each) contain over 40 articles, while the Worship collection ($24.95) contains 60 articles–that is less than 50 cents per article, post paid in the US.

Here’s some of what is included on each CD…

Choir: 101 Great Choir Ideas/The Incarnational Work of the Adult Choir/Choir Committment: The “Real” Cost/Letter to the Singer in the 4th Row/Understanding Your Head Voice
Leadership: Creating and Sustaining Healthy Teams on a Church Staff/Identifying Tensions over Musical Style/Ministry and Women: Ambassadors of the Spirit/Pastors and Church Musicians/The Church Musician as Transformational Leader
Worship: A Theology of Worship/Don’t Plan a Service…Create a Moment/Eight Common Elements of Worship Renewal/The Worship Driven Church/Worship Planning: What is the Foundation?

You can order them by clicking here and looking in the left hand column for “Featured Products.”

● Last week’s blog posts at included: – Can We Get a Life over Here?Who Knows Where the Blogs Go?…and, Can We Get a Life…Revisited.

● Something’s coming! – A new service of Creator is on track to launch before Labor Day, God willing. Stay tuned…


● In this week’s MME, Doug Lawrence has written what I consider to be one of the best of the best MME articles ever. Doug’s topic? Creating…the 7 Question Conversation. Even if you only read MME once in a while, this is the week to do so. Seriously. What are you waiting for? Just go there now. To read this week’s MMEjust click here.

This week, add your voice to the 7 Question Conversation…and please tell your friends and colleagues about Creator and MME too.


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