101 Great Choir Ideas

by vernsanders on April 2, 2009

As we build out Creator’s website it is always interesting to read the articles that we upload to our article database. Over more than 30 years of publication, Creator has published over 1200 articles. One of the most recent additions to the site is an article from the July/August 1989 issue entitled 101 Great Choir Ideas.

I’m using this article (or at least the portion of it) to inaugurate what I intend to be a regular feature here…some sort of list as part of, in addition to, or (as in this case) as the whole post.

You can get the whole article by clicking here, but here’s a little tease…10 of the 101 Great Ideas.

11- Probe the text of a new anthem. Offer to explain it during a rehearsal (speak to your director in advance).

13 – If you don’t like an anthem, keep quiet. It might be your neighbor’s favorite piece.

18 – The greatest help to memorizing music is to sing it to yourself over and over, regardless of where you are. Make the piece a continual part of your daily thought processes. Your car (when you’re alone is perfect) makes a great rehearsal studio.

41 – When singing hymns, pay special attention to the texts. Make them become part of your worship. It will soon become a habit you’ll never want to break.

53 – Focus as much mental effort on spiritual preparation as you give to musical preparation.

58 – “Blend” is that directorial request that simply means “work to make your tone, sound, and dynamics fit with those around you in such a way that no one is aware of your individual voice qualities.” Directors love singers who keep this in the front of their consciousness.

59- “Phrasing” is the least-accomplished musical technique in church choirs today. With few exceptions, every phrase should begin somewhere, go somewhere, and end somewhere. .. each phrase should have a shape.

69 – Choir members who sing solos or serve as accompanists need encouragement. Thank them for their effort.

73 – Silently, without anyone ever knowing, begin supporting a member of the choir with your personal prayers.

81 – Offer to give a devotional at a rehearsal or special event, especially if it is tied to a personal anecdote from past experience.

Want to see the whole list? You can get the article by clicking here.

Got a great choir idea? Leave me a comment, and perhaps we’ll use it in a future list.

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