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by vernsanders on November 16, 2009

Because this is such a milestone event, I’m just putting the whole MME in here today…enjoy! We’re proud of it!

November 16, 2009

Good Morning

This is a milestone Monday Morning Email. The new Creator Leadership Network website will be live by the time you read this. I encourage you to go to the new website as soon as you finish reading this email. Why am I asking you to wait? Because I’d like to tell you a bit about what you’ll find there…so bear with me for a moment if you please.

First, a big thank you to Kevin McNeese of KMWebdesigns who assisted in the development of the new site. Kevin was nothing but professional to work with, and went the “extra mile” many times to make it all happen on time and on budget. He was not just a code jockey, but a true design partner, which I appreciated. If your church or business is looking for a web designer, I would highly recommend KMWebdesigns.

Second, what won’t change. The actual Monday Morning Email articles written by Bob Burroughs, Hugh Ballou, Doug Lawrence, and yours truly, will remain on Creator’s website. If you are registered at Creator’s website, you’ll still get these weekly newsletters from me as well. You will need to be registered at Creator’s site in order to be able to log in for goodies such as reduced subscription prices on our print magazine, reduced fees for consulting by people like Doug Lawrence, deep discounts on Creator‘s world famous Clip Art collections, and more. Creator’s knowledge base of articles is still at the Creator site, and so is our Church Music Directory, the Music Literacy Test, our Select 20 anthem reviews, and much, much more.

As we told you last week, the Creator Leadership Network website features 24/7 streaming audio content expressly designed just for church musicians and worship leaders. As we go forward with MME, we’re going to include our broadcast schedule highlights for each coming week. We encourage you to listen at work as well as at home…I think you’ll find, as I have, that the content is compelling. Plus, with “one click” at the Creator Store – operated by Pine Lake Music – if you hear something that you like, you can order the music and/or recording of what you are hearing – without interrupting the audio program. By the way, by clicking on the store logo anywhere on the site, you’ll have the opportunity to see special Creator Store offers just for CLN members.

Two small things about the player: First, the initial time you use it, you may need to “refresh” (F5 key) once in order to get the audio. You’ll know you will get the audio if you see the colored buttons (green for play, red for stop, and brown for mute…plus the two purple buttons which control the volume…). There is no need to hit the play button in most cases, the audio will start automatically once the player completely loads. Second, if you use a mac, you may need to download one or more programs: Silverlight (for the player) and Firefox (the preferred browser). Look for links to download these free programs on the home page and programs page.

I just know you’re going to love this new feature. Just click the Reverence Channel graphic on the new website to hear the audio stream.

Here’s this week’s scheduled programs (all times Pacific), starting with today’s programming:

Fred Bock Music HourMonday, 1:00 PM

An exciting hour of interviews with some of the most creative people in church music. Hosted by Stephen Bock, this show will be more than just listening to great music. It will be a journey to better understand the people involved in its creation and how each piece can be effectively used in worship. Don’t miss any of these conversations!

Doug’s Master ClassMonday, 2:00 PM

Not to be missed… Doug Lawrence hosts Doug’s Master Class—a special hour with well-known composers, authors, singers, conductors and worship leaders! In-depth conversations with the guests you wish you could take to Starbucks!

Creator RadioMonday, 3:00 PM

Vern Sanders hosts a program that explores the practical side of church music and worship ministry, with information, hints, and humor from the Creator magazine knowledge base.

Notes of Encouragement Featuring the Music of Steve AmersonTuesday, 11:00 AM

Steve Amerson is one of Inspirational music’s signature voices. Enjoy an hour of his music and his commentary on these great songs.

With Hearts & Hands & VoicesTuesday, 1:00 PM

Join Mark Lawson, President of MorningStar Music Publishers, for a review of new choral publications and tried and true favorites from the MorningStar catalog.

Let Music Live! The Sacred Sounds Of Shawnee PressThursday, 1:00 PM

Join host Joseph Martin for an hour of inspiring music featuring new music from the writers and composers of Shawnee Press.

And…as I’ve been saying for some time now…stay tuned for these programs coming soon:

Marcia McFee – Worship Workshop

Dr. Marcia McFee is a national worship designer, leader, professor, artist and preacher who has been consulting with churches for almost 20 years. With a first career in professional musical theater and dance, and then a seminary and PhD education, she brings the sensibility of an artist, the depth of a theologian, the heart of a minister and the ability to break it all down into do-able processes for worship teams of any size of church or style of worship.

The Mark Hayes Hour

Spend an hour with Mark Hayes. Hear his newest choral creations, his favorite anthems and the stories behind them. Be inspired by his talents at the keyboard. Get the inside track on what’s on the drawing board from one of America’s favorite composers and arrangers of sacred music.

And…there will be more programming added all the time…

I know that most of you want to get “on to the show” so just this reminder…

  • Take our survey this week! Read the set up in the survey question box to see what we’re doing….This is the first week for the topic: Is your church multisite? Please go to our home page and take the survey, and check back at the end of the week to see what the results are.


  • Not a Creator subscriber? We’ll send you a sample issue with a reduced rate invoice. If you’re not convinced just return the invoice with the word “cancel” on it. Either way, your sample issue is yours to keep. To get a sample issue, go here and look for the sample issue offer in the flash rotator box.
  • If you are being lead to explore other opportunities to minister, you’ll want to check our extensive list of links to position listings, which you can find by clicking here.
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In this week’s Monday Morning Email…

  • In this week’s MME, does your church have a split personality? Doug Lawrence presents part 6 of the 7 Question Conversation: Is a multisite right for your church? If you are contemplating starting (or have an existing) multisite, you won’t want to miss this one. There’s lots of great information to be found. Just click here to read this week’s MME.


This week, visit the new CLN website, (lather, rinse, repeat…) …and please tell your friends and colleagues about Creator and MME too


Vern Sanders


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