Last Week’s Tweets…

by vernsanders on May 17, 2010

Here…for your viewing pleasure, a compilation of the things I found fascinating last week…

  • Craig Curry thinks you should read the EBook The Choir in Modern Worship: #choir
  • Market yourself in Google Street View? smart Saskatoon guy did just that :-) #marketing
  • RT @tech_bits “Worry is a misuse of imagination.” Dan Zadra
  • Monday Morning Email 2day: IWS provost Jim Hart interview–intro newsletter@ direct2MME@
  • How to burnout in ministry in 5 easy steps: #leadership
  • Lead from behind to encourage breakthrough ideas by building communities that can innovate #leadership
  • Music-Ministry-Equal Pay – Pick 2? #leadership
  • Authenticity is One of the Strengths of Small Churches #smallchurch
  • An Introduction to Copyright law for church musicians #copyright
  • Your congregation is looking to you for motivation…and they have a short attention span: #leadership
  • Reverence Channel on CLN 24/7 streaming audio help for church musicians #churchmusic #leadership
  • links to websites that provide listings of open positions in Music and Worship Ministry #churchmusic
  • Research shows that only 15% of church staffs are “lean” ie less than 35% of budget spent on staff
  • Down, sideways, up: the right way to lead change in ministry #leadership
  • How to teach dynamics to a church worship band? @gregatkinson explains the 100% rule:
  • Nelson Mandela’s eight lessons of leadership thanks @DougLaw #leadership
  • Methodists come between Baptists and the rest of the nation: google maps
  • 101 Great Choir Ideas: Wednesday Tip of the Week: #choir
  • Shortest stint on a church staff? take the poll here #leadership
  • Robt Webber Institute 4 Worship Studies provost Jim Hart on leadership and worship: #leadership #worship
  • Defining Worship, part 1 #worship
  • Making Ideas Happen: It takes 4 things: #leadership
  • Join Creator Leadership Network & get the helpful Monday Morning Email & other great advantages #leadership
  • figure out how 2 work simply in the present not master complexities of the past 2 say what happens in the future
  • Don’t lead with your label…be a human being first: #leadership
  • The 40 most mispronounced words in church music #churchmusic #choir
  • Free issue of Creator magazine for church musicians and worship leaders

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