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by vernsanders on May 14, 2010

As you read this, I will be someplace between California and Saskatchewan, most likely in my car. I’m on my way to speak on The Choir in Modern Worship at Podium 2010, the gathering of the Association of Canadian Choral Communities. I’ve always liked driving, and in particular those longer road trips where the miles stretch out to the horizon. I know some of the reason for that is that I spent a lot of time in the car with my folks when I was a kid, and particularly my dad, when I accompanied him on his visits to clients all over the San Joaquin valley. There always seems to be something interesting to see out the car window…

But I’ve also learned that long drives give me time to think. I’m not much of a car radio listener, so most of the time I’m just looking out the window and listening to whatever my mind is occupied with at the time. And as much as the temptation is to stop at Taco Bell, I love going through a small town and finding a “mom & pop” place. The food is not always great (sometimes it is spectacular), but you get a feel for a town in the place the locals hang out. (In fact, I’m looking forward to having pancakes at the place in Madras, Oregon, to see if the same cook is still there from the last time I went through there about 5-10 years ago.)

On this trip, I expect I’ll be thinking about just exactly how to implement the changes I want to make at Creator‘s website, and I expect I’ll be thinking about whether or not to blog about the fun things I’ll be seeing during the trip.

One other benefit is stopping to see friends, as I will be doing in Roseburg, Oregon, and Lethbridge, Alberta, at least. I’m trying to figure out a way to come back through Torrey, Utah, where a friend owns a motel right near Canyonlands National Park (if you haven’t visited it, put it on your bucket list).

So I’ll either be blogging more, or less, during the next couple of weeks, and there will probably be more “personal” stuff as opposed to business things, although I expect I’ll be thinking about worship and music too…


hey, hey, this is Vern, and (perhaps) I’ll soon be coming to your town…

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