Last Week’s Tweets…

by vernsanders on May 10, 2010

Here…for your viewing pleasure, a compilation of the things I found fascinating last week…

  • Craig Curry thinks you should read the EBook The Choir in Modern Worship: #choir
  • Top 10 best Monday Morning Emails: #churchmusic #leadership
  • Unbelievably cool YouTube video of How Great Is Our God� with music provided only by iPHONES!
  • Doug’s Master Class – today @ 2pm on the Reverence Channel- #churchmusic #leadership
  • 7 traits to help identify a true leader & 7 ways to cope with others Hmmm…are they related? #leadership
  • New (old?) trend: churches that compete. One reason why this is a bad marketing idea: #leadership
  • Is tweeting in church heresy? disrespectful? One pastor’s 5 reasons for tweeting in church #church #leadership
  • Obsessed with numbers in your program? Don’t forget that one person can transform a ministry: #leadership
  • For musicians only (others need not read): (bet you can’t resist…)
  • Are You Having an Affair With Your Social Media Persona? #socialmedia
  • Reverence Channel on CLN 24/7 streaming audio help for church musicians #churchmusic #leadership
  • links to websites that provide listings of open positions in Music and Worship Ministry #churchmusic
  • Arts and the church of the future, part 1: #worship #churchmusic
  • Don’t plan? How is that a good plan? One pastor tells how it can be an advantage: #leadership
  • 101 Great Choir Ideas: Wednesday Tip of the Week: #choir
  • FREE EBook! Understanding the Millenial Mind by Scott DeGraffenreid #leadership
  • Mark Hayes on what a church musician needs to know #churchmusic
  • 7 traits to identify a true leader & 7 ways to cope with others…are those lists related? #leadership
  • Remembering Austin Lovelace #churchmusic #leadership
  • Need to empower volunteer leaders? Hugh Ballou & Marty Muscatello help: #leadership
  • New anthem reviews by Bob Burroughs…get ‘em while they’re hot… #churchmusic
  • Are you on #Facebook? Connect with Creator Leadership Network at – #leadershipunbelievable things actually said in church…amazing! The tambourine one is priceless Thanks Michael Smith!
  • Join Creator Leadership Network & get the helpful Monday Morning Email & other great advantages #leadership
  • Bob Burroughs’ MME–resources 4 church musicians: #churchmusic #leadership
  • Artists need to be creative in more than the creation process: Arts in the Church of the Future part 2:
  • Sign up 4 MONDAY MORNING EMAIL – weekly e-zine especially for church #musicians & #worship leaders –
  • Free issue of Creator magazine for church musicians and worship leaders

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