I’m baaaaack…

by vernsanders on July 29, 2011

It didn’t start out that way, but I’ve had a nice vacation from this blog (for some of my readers, I’m sure that’s not a bad thing…). Having this time off has made me think that I might just take July “off” each year. We’ll see when it comes around in 2012. Nothing much to report for the time away, except that a lot happened, most of which is  now in the “too little too late” category to write about. We’ll pick up again next Tuesday.

One thing, though…my last two articles for Monday Morning Email have generated a lot of traffic. If you haven’t read them, please take a moment and check them out

Focus on the Ministry you are Really In (sorry for the grammar, but,  well…it is what it is…)

Funny How Time Slips Away (and no, that’s not about how I’ve been away from this blog…it has to do with the current state of the worship wars, and yes, country music fans, it comes with a Willie Nelson video)

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