Has video killed art that occupies 3D space?

by vernsanders on August 2, 2011

I’m back…to paying more attention to social media, and I recently came across this post which lists the most popular twitter hashtags for church and ministry (complete post here).

(For those scratching heads right now, a twitter hashtag looks like the number sign [# (actually it IS the number sign)] attached before a word. Twitter knows to tag and sort content with these hashtags, so you can use #churchmusic or #ministry in a search and return all the tweets containing that hash tag. It makes reading the twitter stream more focused.)

I was struck, in the post, to see the following

Creative Arts: #churchmedia // #crtvmin

FREE colorful background loops at http://ow.ly/5J7is #worshiploopwednesday #churchmedia

Don’t make announcements, tell stories. Very few respond to announcements but stories connect with everyone. #crtvmin

Notice anything interesting? (again…complete post here)

Perhaps I first should say that it is clear from the context of the post, that the writer’s perspective is “contemporary” church, and that’s OK. And I’m not arguing that creativity needs to be applied to background loops and announcements. But has the contemporary church co-opted a term that has long been associated with  the traditional church, and thereby defined “creative arts” away from worship environments, painting, sculpture, etc.–all those 3D artistic disciplines–and made it all about a CRT?

Has video, in a church context, killed art that occupies 3D space, and replaced it by issuing a pair of 3D glasses? Woe unto the plastic art practitioners in the church I guess…

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