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by vernsanders on November 11, 2009

I just came upon a wonderful article on the website of a company called EMSI, entitled Why Small Radio Stations Can Be Great Places to Promote Your Book, Product or Service. As you might imagine, at the moment this is interesting to me on a number of levels.

First (and I can talk about this now since we have talked about it here), the new Creator Leadership Network website (patience…we’re counting down to public availability in the next week…) has streaming audio, which is like radio, so the information transfers easily to our situation. I particularly like the line “even [if a small channel/station] has around 100 listeners, it’s a waste of time right? Wrong! What if you had the opportunity to speak to an auditorium full of 100 people about your business? Would you go? Of course you would! Keep this in mind when looking at stations. Every small station has value…” I would credit the author, but I can’t find a credit on the source page.

Second, as a writer (I’ll finish that book eventually…really…) this is valuable advice. Especially the part about getting practice in a small venue before you get to a big national stage and perhaps only have one chance to make a good “first” impression. My friend Doug Lawrence, who has a website entitled You Can Speak Easy, has spent significant time working with public speakers, and helping them get more comfortable with doing it. But, like music, dance, sports, painting, and almost anything else you can think of, one gets better with practice. I’ve done enough media interviews to be relatively comfortable doing it, even if I can’t drop those great sound bites at will.

Third, as a media publisher/entrepreneur, this article helps me to better focus my business, both on the content side, and the listener side. It is useful to know that smaller streaming audio channels can provide a real targeted information stream to their listeners, and, by doing so, can get bigger.

I’m looking forward to sharing this article with others (like you!). Please leave a comment if you’ve read it. I’d be interested to know what you think…

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