Last Week’s Tweets

by vernsanders on July 19, 2010

Here…for your viewing pleasure, a compilation of the things I found fascinating last week…(Light this past week due to my being on the road most of the week)

  • Monday Morning Email 2day: @hughballou interviews Larry Dill of ICE–intro newsletter@ direct2MME@
  • A conversation about #holidays and #worship:
  • How to build DIY Anthems for those Sundays when you really need something quick and easy #churchmusic
  • 40 most mispronounced words in church music #churchmusic #choir
  • The latest Improv Now video – this time it is Galactic Rebellion for Dummies: #improv
  • Is it time for a church musicians union? I got an email yesterday that said yes! #churchmusic #leadership
  • Summer is great for a church secret shopper visit by someone like @GregAtkinson #church
  • Spice up your choir retreat with Creator’s Choir Members Issue: #choir
  • read the @hughballou interviewwith Larry Dill of Institute for Clergy Excellence about #leadership:
  • 7 Questions you don’t want to hear from your pastor, and how to answer them: #leadership
  • A conversation about planning ahead in music ministry: #leadership #churchmusic
  • Don’t plan? How is that a good plan? One pastor tells how it can be an advantage: #leadership
  • How do you handle a crisis? Margaret Marcuson has 5 tips… #leadership
  • Join Creator Leadership Network & get the helpful Monday Morning Email & other great advantages #leadership
  • Pre-order Creator’s Choir Members Issue for your singers at your choir retreat: #choir
  • 101 Great Choir Ideas Tip of the Week: #choir
  • There is a time to start doing rather than just reading about something: #leadership
  • FREE issue of Creator magazine for church musicians and worship leaders #leadership #churchmusic

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