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by vernsanders on April 19, 2010

Here…for your viewing pleasure, a compilation of the things I found fascinating last week…

  • If you wake up 1 day & aren’t sure what 2 do w/ yr time, do something small that helps someone else Thx @chrisguillebeau
  • Randy Vader is “Thinking on These Things” here: #devotional #leadership #worship
  • Monday Morning Email 2day: xlnt interview w/ William Willimon: intro newsltr@ direct2MME@ #leadership
  • Fred Bock Music Hour – today @ 1pm on the Reverence Channel- #churchmusic
  • “Theys” do important things…”theys” are you! #leadership
  • Down, sideways, up: the right way to lead change in ministry #leadership
  • Parish ministry is essentially extroverted activity: William Willimon #leadership
  • Help people see how their help can help: #leadership
  • Is a car the best place to decide what music to use for worship? #churchmusic #leadership
  • Singing is Good For You! #choir #singing
  • It is easy to make a decision when you know what your values are…decide now! #leadership
  • links to websites that provide listings of open positions in Music and Worship Ministry #churchmusic
  • By the numbers: 10 sample questions you need to ask your congregants before your next worship service: thanks @DougLaw
  • By the numbers: 4 principles of authentic worship #worship
  • By the numbers: 6 Must Haves as a Leader right now from @bradlomenick #leadership
  • By the numbers: 7 Questions you don’t want to hear from your pastor, and how to answer them: #leadership
  • By the numbers: 100 Creative Business Cards.
  • By the numbers: 5 Tips for Brainstorming Meetings from @bradlomenick #leadership
  • By the numbers: 101 Great Choir Ideas: Wednesday Tip of the Week – Give a memento @ every event: #choir
  • Tax Day throughts: Randy Vader is “Thinking on These Things” here: #devotional #leadership #worship
  • Tax Day throughts: Church makes $0 marketing budget work to their advantage #leadership
  • Tax Day throughts: 10 ways to inspire generosity in any economy:
  • Tax Day throughts: Are conferences good use of money? #leadership #conferences
  • Tax Day throughts: 4 ways to use social media in capital campaigns: #leadership
  • Tax Day throughts: Can 1000 True Fans model b applied 2 value creative IP in church setting? Read & decide: #churchmusic
  • Tax Day throughts: Giving is declining in 37% of churches, & is flat lined in 24% more…10 ways to inspire generosity:
  • Tax Day throughts: honorarium or fee? what do you charge? #leadership
  • Tax Day throughts: Music-Ministry-Equal Pay – Pick 2? #leadership
  • Lighten up your Friday…I love this “world’s largest collection of musician jokes” #musicians #jokes
  • Church Sound Humor Files: Unintended Amendments To The Laws Of Physics: this is good! #church #worship
  • Would you let this guy do Amazing Grace at your church? #churchmusic
  • Worship FAIL!? Doug Lawrence has his mad on #worship #leadership @DougLaw #FAIL
  • can you guess the musical instrument by looking at the inside? the guitar is stunning #music
  • The Blue Sweater…and Leadership: The most important skill needed is listening #leadership
  • Free issue of Creator magazine for church musicians and worship leaders
  • Join the Creator Leadership Network and get the helpful Monday Morning Email resource and other great advantages

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