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by vernsanders on June 27, 2010

Here…for your viewing pleasure, a compilation of the things I found fascinating last week…(Light this past week due to my being on the road most of the week)

  • RT @MichaelHyatt I wish every would-be author would read this: “Hope & the magic lottery” by Seth Godin
  • Which publishers do you buy church choir music from? Take the survey & see results here: #churchmusic
  • Taking the fast lane at a subway station: Makes me wish we had subways on the central coast…
  • If you can type you can make a movie here:
  • Monday Morning Email 2day:Servant leadership Newsletter: Direct2MME: #leadership
  • I’ve added new links at my blog: #blog
  • Will Servant leadership work at your church? #leadership
  • Want to do video announcements for your church? Just type & go:
  • Fixing boring church announcements: #church
  • 7 questions to discern if servant leadership will work at your church #leadership
  • Summer is great for a church secret shopper visit by someone like @GregAtkinson #church
  • Do you use the same church choir music as everyone else? Take survey & see results here: #churchmusic
  • The effect of room acoustics on choral music – plus David Byrne on acoustics & music creation #choir
  • 101 Great Choir Ideas: Wednesday Tip of the Week: #choir
  • Top 5 Ways to Keep Volunteers Satisfied: #leadership
  • Top 100 church blogs from #church
  • Top 10 Glissandos…click them all quickly 4 max effect
  • Top 10 signs your church needs a new website design (I like #9) #leadership
  • Does your church choir need help? Develop The Choir in Modern Worship #churchmusic #leadership
  • Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Worship Leading: #worship #leadership #churchmusic
  • Top 10 best Monday Morning Emails: #churchmusic #leadership
  • The migration pattern of church people: #leadership
  • When churches “jump the shark” is it over the top? #leadership
  • can you guess the musical instrument by looking at the inside? the guitar is stunning #music
  • Lighten up your Friday…I love this “world’s largest collection of musician jokes” #musicians #jokes
  • Church Sound Humor Files: Unintended Amendments To The Laws Of Physics: this is good! #church #worship
  • Don’t miss the next MONDAY MORNING EMAIL: weekly e-zine especially 4 church #musicians & #worship leaders –
  • I never had a mentor…that’s why I mentor now: #leadership
  • Free issue of Creator magazine for church musicians and worship leaders

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