Ted Talks

by vernsanders on February 8, 2010

If you are not aware of TED, it is worth your while to spend a bit of time (be prepared for it to turn into a lot of time!). Here’s one of the most recent things I’ve found on the TED site, and while the talk is a bit frenetic at times, stay to the end to get the musical payoff.

One particular thing is referenced in the talk, namely that music is the last thing to which alzheimers patients respond, enabling the patient to remember things. It is also true that hearing is one of, if not the last sense to fade during the dying process, and very ill patients will respond to speech, and particularly music, right to the end. That was certainly the case for my mother in the last day of her life.

And the third interesting thing about this video is that it highlights some amazing research, including the origin of Guitar Hero.

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