Building a Better Creator Website

by vernsanders on January 27, 2010

Perhaps I should have written “blowing it up and starting again.” Why?

Well…today I had a conversation with Gwen Bell about social media…or at least I thought that was what it was going to be about, because that’s her expertise. And we did talk about that…but we spent most of the time talking about the Creator website. (I’ll pause while you go there to re-acquaint yourself with it…)

The upshot? I now am looking at the website with entirely different eyes. If you’ve visited the site frequently, you may notice that the home page has already been tweaked a bit just this afternoon. But…

Gwen referred me to the work of Steve Krug, and what he has to say blows me away. Just for fun…read this sample chapter from his book. Very scary stuff…

So…you’ll pardon me…I have to get to work now…

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