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by vernsanders on March 1, 2010

Here…for your viewing pleasure, a compilation of the things I found fascinating last week…

MondayMorningEmail: Mark Hayes on Music Ministry Qualifications: Newslttr: Direct2MME: #churchmusic

RT @GuyKawasaki Traits of an indispensable person #leadership

Three characteristics of billionaires…got any of them? #leadership

Paper craft castle in the middle of the ocean…4 years of work turns into something stunning #art

6 Must Haves as a Leader right now from @bradlomenick #leadership

links to websites that provide listings of open positions in Music and Worship Ministry #churchmusic

The 5 people a pastor needs in church #leadership #church

4 principles of authentic worship #worship

Mark Hayes on what a church musician needs to know #churchmusic

Church visitor strategy FAIL (and one success) #leadership

10 sample questions you need to ask your congregants before your next worship service: thx @DougLaw

Down, sideways, up: the right way to lead change in ministry #leadership

Taking on the steps of leadership #leadership

Are you “chasing the expert” or using PUDAKI? #leadership

41 Important Books for the Church Musician/Worship Leader #worship #church music #leadership

Making Holes not Drills: Lateral thinking and digital storytelling:

Does your church choir need help? Develop The Choir in Modern Worship #churchmusic #leadership

101 Great Choir Ideas: Wednesday Tip of the Week: #choir

Nelson Mandela’s eight lessons of leadership thanks @DougLaw #leadership

Very cool–send a voicemail in a tweet #leadership

4 ways to use social media in capital campaigns: #leadership

A $ saved is a $ available for ministry: Save $40 on National Church Music Conference reg before March 15

Dangerous Decibels (and it’s not just about loud) Definitely something to think about #churchmusic #worship

101 Great Choir Ideas: Wednesday Tip of the Week: #choir

Only 10% of churches have a social media marketing plan: Poll Results #church #leadership

A Beautiful Idea: Artists (charitably) Changing the World #charity #art

Is SEO the future of evangelism? One person’s take #seo #church #leadership

How to build DIY Anthems for those Sundays when you really need something quick and easy #churchmusic

7 Questions you don’t want to hear from your pastor, and how to answer them: #leadership

God: The Undercover Boss #leadership

Sign up 4 MONDAY MORNING EMAIL – weekly e-zine especially for church #musicians & #worship leaders –

RT @sbpresbytery: RT @cnet Bloom Box: Power plant in a box? (FAQ) | Nanotech – The Circuits Blog – CNET News

RT GuyKawasaki Traits of an indispensable person #leadership

Trim two minutes from your worship service. Just take a look around your sanctuary… repost

RT @GuyKawasaki: How to create a custom news aggregation in less than ten minutes

100 Creative Business Cards. #leadership

If you wake up 1 day & aren’��t sure what 2 do w/ yr time, do something small that helps someone else Thx @chrisguillebeau

Are you on #Facebook? Connect with Creator Leadership Network at – #leadership

3 ways to get church visitors to stick #church #leadership

Free issue of Creator magazine for church musicians and worship leaders

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