Core Values

by vernsanders on October 5, 2009

I’ve been thinking about core values quite a bit lately. It is part of the Creator secret project process. For readers of the magazine, you’ll notice that we have changed the magazine’s masthead. For years the masthead proclaimed Creator to be “The Magazine of Balanced Music Ministries.” We still believe that, but, over the past ten years or so, we have expanded our focus. Now the masthead is: “Music. Ministry. Worship. Leadership.” What follows is an excerpt from my editorial in the upcoming issue, which explains the masthead change to reflect our expanded basic core values.


Creator began as the first independent (and some would say the only) magazine devoted to church music. Through the years, we have maintained that excellence in music is a worthy goal for any church, and every church music program.


What separates the music church musicians create from the rest of the world’s musical output is that music’s service in the context of ministry. Creator has long advocated that while musical excellence is the goal, ministry is the mission. Whether a church follows an Old or New Testament model, music ministry is Scripturally confirmed and annointed.


The primary responsibility of a music ministry is to present a musical offering as a form of worship. Creator has frequently pointed out that if a musical offering is not an offering, it is not serving worship. We believe that musical style may be a matter of debate, but the attitude of the heart is the key to the worth of the music that is heard in worship.


The lead article in the first issue of Creator – written by Weston Noble –was about leadership. God set aside the tribe of Levi – and especially Levitical musicians – to provide worship leadership, and Creator believes that such a responsibility is a serious and ongoing call.

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