Hope springs eternal

by vernsanders on March 26, 2010

It’s that time of year again. Spring is in the air. Palm Sunday in two days, and then Easter the following week. If that doesn’t give you hope, then I don’t know what will.

Then there is Opening Day.

Yes, I am a baseball fan. More specifically, I am a San Francisco Giants fan. And for a Giants fan, hope springs a bit higher this year, after years of the team not doing so well. (There is a message there, I’m sure…times and seasons, and all that…) Last year they just missed the playoffs, they have one of the best pitching staffs in the major leagues, and they are tearing it up in Spring Training right now.

As you read this, I am probably in a meeting doing a ticket exchange. You see, I’m not just a “fair weather” fan…I am a charter seat holder at Pacific Bell Park (no matter what they call it now, that’s what it will always be to us charter seat holders). A friend and I laid out the money for seats before the park was even built. That means that they can’t hold an event there without me being able to go if I want to (don’t you sometimes wish church was like that?). I still have to pay for my tickets, but I am guaranteed a seat…mine happens to be just over third base, at field level, and just barely under the overhang…

There are 84 home games (counting the exhibition games, but not the playoff games) every year, and the most I’ve ever gone to was 46 in the first year the park opened. I live a lot further away now, and don’t get up there as much as I’d like, but I never miss opening day. (We do make our tickets available if you are ever in the area, or are traveling to SF…and, by the time you read this, we should have a ticket web page up where you can get seats (we have two) by using paypal…no pressure, but if you’d like to go, it is a great experience…I’ll post the link early next week.)

And if you are coming to MusiCalifornia, I’m doing my first ever Creator tweet up on Monday, April 5, which you can find details about here.

I’ll also be speaking at the National Conference of Church Musicians in Indianapolis from April 13-16, and at the Association of Canadian Choral Communities Podium 2010 in May. Make sure and find me if you’re going to either of these events so we can say hello.

How about you? Are you a baseball fan? Does your hope spring eternal at this time of year? Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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