Hope springs eternal…

by vernsanders on May 1, 2009

One of the remarkable things about the human spirit is that we hope. Hope is a belief that there is a future. More specifically it is a belief that our own future will be somehow “better.”

I’ve just spent a huge chunk of the day planning for things that may never come to pass. But boy…if they do…!

Part of the dark side of hope is distinguishing the dreams from the reality…specifically as they apply to net future value. Hope, in and of itself, can cause the dream to become more real…to the point where you can see it, feel it, taste it…even if the reality has not a hope’s chance in…well, you know…

When you begin to make concrete plans based upon hope, hope becomes just a bit more real, and if we are not careful, reality can get obscured, if not obliterated, by the dark side.

Don’t you hate it when you know something good is coming, but you can’t tell anybody about it?

You gotta have hope…

Hope floats…

Keep hope alive…

Beware the dark side…

Today’s list?

States in the USA that have a town named Hope:

  • Hope, Alaska
  • Hope, Arkansas
  • Hope, Idaho
  • Hope, Indiana
  • Hope, Kansas
  • Hope, Kentucky
  • Hope, Maine
  • Hope, Michigan
  • Hope, Minnesota
  • Hope, North Dakota
  • Hope, New Jersey
  • Hope, New Mexico
  • Hope, Rhode Island

Cities from around the world named Hope:

  • Hope, British Columbia, Canada

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