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by vernsanders on July 24, 2012

I have finally reached the point at which I need to do some “maintenance work” on this blog. The spam level, even with a spam blocker, has gotten out of control.


If you are a real person reading this, and have an email address that looks anything like


please know that within the next week I am going to clean my subscriber list of every email that looks “funny.” I’m also going to implement a higher spam filter for comments.

I’m saddened, in a way, to have to do this, but it is a part of the reality of online communication. I’m going to go through the list with my “grace” hat on, and give a lot of benefit of the doubt…but I still expect to clean more than 1000 names off my subscriber list. And…

My plan, going forward, is to regularly delete any such email addresses that show up in the subscriber list.

If you’ve got a funny email address, please leave a comment and tell me to preserve you as a subscriber, or email me offline. I don’t want to lose you if you are a real person. But spambots betware…

Please leave a comment if you are a real person with a “funny” email address.

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