Creator Secret Project update…

by vernsanders on October 15, 2009

It has been rather frantic the past couple of weeks, and an update seems to be in order…

We are very close to finishing the beta test on the Creator Secret Project. If you get Monday Morning Email (and, if not, why not?!), you’ll stay up to date on everything “as it happens.” In the process of launching this new project, I’ve had the chance to work with a large group of very fine people. It has been a joy to do so. Particular thanks go to Kevin McNeese (who, among other things, gave me a 10 minute lesson in Dreamweaver this morning) and Scott Shuford (who continues to teach me about marketing…and that is one of those “everything that is good is due to Scott, and everything that is bad is due to me” deals…).

Another side benefit of the developing project is that I am continually amazed at how technology has and is providing extraordinary ways to do things that, just a few years ago, one could only dream about. I’m not saying that the new project has re-invented the wheel, or cured cancer, but it is, I believe, going to provide another level of help to those to serve in music ministry and worship leadership.

And, at the same time, I’ve been learning all sorts of things (Dreamweaver, for instance…) which meets my need to continue to discover new information. Along the way, the irony of this information thirst has shown its face again, to wit:

There is no way that you can pass on everything that you know before you die


It has made me more aware of how much more mentoring I could be doing. What good is knowing something if you can’t help somebody else learn about it quicker than you did? Kevin’s short lesson on Dreamweaver is an example: 10 minutes long, showed me what I need to do to accomplish a specific task, which allows me to begin to play with the program to eventually learn how to do much more.

10 minutes

That’s very little time compared with the long term benefit. It’s the give a fish/teach to fish story in action…

It has made me think that if I spent 10 minutes a day mentoring somebody in a specific task, perhaps the world could be changed (thanks, John Mayer…). Now finding that 10 minutes is not going to be easy…but I think I’ll start looking for it now…

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