Not an April Fool’s post…

by vernsanders on April 1, 2011

Having to write a blog post on April 1 is a challenge for me, because I’m not sure I’m clever enough to be “not quite sure he’s being serious” and I’m not serious to be convinced I can be clever…so I’ll just let the Ipod shuffle tune speak for me today…
But before I get to that, here’s some advice for you:

Minimum Safe Distances

Between Street Musicians And The Public

Street Singer over 60: 10 feet
Singers with a large garbage can for tips: 20 feet
Violinist: 25 feet
Bad violinist: 50 feet
Guitar player who plays only 3 chords: 75 feet
15-year-old electric guitar player with Nirvana fixation: 100 feet
Trombone player with a nervous twitch: across the street
Electric Guitar Combo in a Thunderstorm: far away is close enough
Large Soprano with Viking Horns: 3 blocks, with ear pads
Accordionist: 60 miles

Ipod shuffle status: 2862 (In Repair – John Mayer)  of 7875

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