After Office Hours…

by vernsanders on September 16, 2011

As I write this, I just finished having my first virtual “office hours.” I got a number of questions, many of which were more “generic” than I expected. You can read the questions, and my answers here:

The process reminded me of my academic days, when my office door would be open, and sometimes there was a line to see me, and sometimes, nobody showed up. It means/meant that I can’t start anything else that can’t be interrupted,  so it can be something of a drag, but I suspect, at least my academic experience leads me to believe, that the end result is something that is worthwhile, even if it can’t be measured. I’m going to open it up to the bigger Monday Morning Email list next week, and see what happens.

What made the whole experience just a bit unreal today, though, was that we discovered a small water leak in the bathroom off my office, and the ServiceMaster people were here assessing the damage and beginning the mitigation process. So I’m trying to pay attention to the questions, but pay attention to what’s going on in terms of the disruption that will be a fact of life here for the next little while… sigh…

If you asked a question and did or didn’t like my answer, or the process, please leave a comment and let me know whether you think the experiment is worth pursuing over a longer period of time than just this month.

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