Who knows where the blogs go?

by vernsanders on June 10, 2009

One of the most fascinating (to me) things about life today is just what I’m doing now. I’m sitting in the kitchen while my wife is cooking dinner, and I’m writing a blog post. <pause while anyone born before 1980 stops to think about that statement> The first computer I ever bought (an Apple II–not plus–with  a serial number in the low humdreds) cost more and took up much more space than the netbook that I’m sitting typing upon.

But that’s an old guy rant, better saved for another day, and only part of the story…

I’m about to reference a blog that was written by someone who, for all intents and purposes, I would have never known, let alone met (and I don’t know and haven’t met him) were it not for the “computer revolution.” I only found this blog because I was (in true social media fashion) exploring the followers of someone else on Twitter. So up pops this great blog post, and, in exploring, a thinking person. That he happens to be a worship arts person is even better. Somebody I’d like to have coffee with at some point, but if it never happens, I still will benefit from my social media relationship.

As the kids say…it’s all good…

So the point of the story is this particular blog post concerns a church that I know from once serving in close geographic proximity. Among this church’s former staff are two people I would count as friends. It is a church with significant resources, in an area that would seem to make it demographically advantaged, with facilities that a lot of churches would die for. Ah…but staffing…

So I encourage you to read my new blog friend Ted Vaughn on A Church Going Deep…and to think seriously about the questions he, and the church, are asking.

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