Whatever can go wrong…will..

by vernsanders on June 29, 2009

As I think I remember Paul Simon saying: “This is a story of how we forget to remember…”

It is also a story of how it is often more important to be early than late.

It is also a story of how things always seem to go wrong when you decide to take a vacation…

So it is Monday Morning at 11:57 am as I write this, and, for the first time that I can remember, Monday Morning Email will not be distributed on a Monday Morning (Pacific Time).

It’s all ready. It’s done. It’s even on the website. I just can’t get to it to “turn on the switch” because I can’t access the admin section of the website because something has gone wrong with the software. This is not as uncommon as you might think, in this day and age of computers being so commonly a part of our daily life that we tend to think that they will always be there when we need them. And no…this is not a science fiction horror story…

Our server tends to need to be rebooted about once every week to 10 days. It is the nature of the game, so to speak, that the internal workings of the software get fouled up somehow, and only a reboot solves the problem. (Another chorus of “When did you last back up?” please…)

Normally the reboot is transparent to the people (including me) who use the site. In fact, let me just tell you that if you have trouble connecting, just “try again” and, in most cases, the problem will solve itself because the reboot is fairly quick.

Ah, but I’m on vacation. Away from home. And so, anything that might go wrong often does. Now I could have sent out MME late Saturday night (which was way early) but I figured, no…I’ll have internet access where we’re going on Sunday, and I’ll send it out Sunday night and be early. Right.

Well, we got to where we were going last night, and…no internet access, because nobody knew the “key” to get on the wireless network, and it was too late to make a call.

OK…I can still send MME out on Monday morning. Got up, and, sure enough, we got the key. Ah…but now the server needs to be rebooted. Problem.

But I’m still not worried, because, as I’ve explained, this has happened before. No problem. Except that my server webguy is ALSO on vacation. Can you see where this is going? But, I’m still not worried because he’s got a backup guy who’s minding the store while he’s gone.

But…the password key to reboot my server is in my webguy’s laptop, and he’s out for the day, and won’t be able to get back until later this evening (Eastern).

So MME is going to be late, and I apologize. These things happen. I’m not angry, just sorry that I have no way to tell my MME subscribers, because the only way I can send them an email is through the database of email addresses on the site.

But I’m sure that there will probably be some procedural changes to the processes while everybody is on vacation as a result of this. That’s how you learn.

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Doug Albertson June 30, 2009 at 11:16 am

To heck with servers and MME. I just gotta know how you got a pic of yourself down on the field? — DA

vernsanders July 3, 2009 at 10:02 am

Each year the Giants have a picnic day for all the season ticket holders, and I’ve been to them. It is fun to have the players serving you hot dogs and beer…

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