The power of Touching One Life

by vernsanders on May 15, 2012

I recently read this wonderful short blog post about a blogger who had just 5 readers. Why is this important? It’s not about staggering growth, or incredible reach, or leverage. But it is about the fact that reaching even one person can change lives and circumstances. And in our “big” obsessed world, that is often forgotten.

It’s a great story about the influence of the blogger. More importantly, it’s a lesson for those who serve in small churches. If you can “get over” the worldly success measuring sticks, and persist in the face of people and systems who don’t care, you can have a big impact. You can change lives. It’s the old “bloom where you are planted” thing, crossed with “Just Do It!”

For me, because I’ve made a conscious decision to serve in small churches (actually just one now, if you are reading this Charlie :) – I’m not leaving…) during this season of my life, it is a great reminder that some are called to be in big churches, and some are not…and the impact of your ministry, wherever you serve, cannot be measured by the size of your building. Those who serve in large churches (I know from experience) are not free from problems…they just have different ones. Ministry is not always what it seems from the outside looking in, but for those who do ministry…every day, no matter what their circumstance…you only need to touch one life to make a difference.

Please let me know what you think…whether you serve in a small church or a large one.

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