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by vernsanders on April 8, 2009

It being the week before Easter, and “deadline week” for the magazine, there is not much time to spare. More tomorrow…

In the meantime, here are a couple of titles that made it into the Creator‘s Select 20 anthems for this issue. But don’t tell anyone…it is supposed to be a secret until the mag hits the street…

No Greater Love
V:    SATB
#:    008339
C:    John Angotti
T:    John Angotti
A:    Piano, optional rhythm
U:    Adult, Ensemble • General, Call to Worship
P:    World Library Publications • 3708 River Rd #400 • Franklin Park IL 60131
©:    2009, World Library Publications
All rights reserved. Reprinted page used by permission.
Just go buy it, OK? This needs to be done with a band, and is the type of piece that embodies one new way choirs can be used in worship – as a “super worship team” so to speak. Don’t have a choir? Do it with your worship team, but the effect won’t be as good. The melody is singable and memorable, and the “Alleluia” bridge fits just perfectly. Teach this to your congregation, and they will thank you for it. Standard rant, though…there are only two dynamics in this piece, and they both come within four bars of the opening. Surely there would be dynamic contrast somewhere else in the piece (hint: if the editor/composer hasn’t indicated it…feel free to make your own decisions). Very well done. Highly Recommended.  L-M; end-mf; ME.

Adon olam
V:    SATB
#:    7018
C:    Coreen Duffy
T:    Traditional Hebrew text
A:    A Cappella, optional percussion (included)
U:    Adult • General, Concert
P:    ECS Publishing • 138 Ipswich St • Boston MA 02215-3534 • (800) 777-1919 • fax (617) 236-0261
©:    2009 ECS Publishing
All rights reserved. Reprinted page used by permission.
This piece is included for those who are able to explore the repertoire “beyond the typical.” Duffy brings a fresh voice and a deft hand to this setting of a traditional Hebrew text. Yes, the choir, in order to do this, will have to learn to pronounce Hebrew, and manage to alternate 7/8 with 4/4. For those who didn’t self select out as a result of that last sentence, it is worth the effort. A lovely contrasting middle section (“Alone is God beyond compare…”) provides sturdiness, and depth to the work. The key here is lightness of texture, and comfort with line. Very Well Done – Duffy knows what she is doing. L-M; end-ff; MD/D (text).

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