Remember your first time?

by vernsanders on November 30, 2010

So Bloglines was disappearing and we had to switch to Google Reader to read all those nice blogs that we follow, and Google Reader took some getting used to, so I wasn’t reading all those nice blogs regularly, and so now I’m resigned to Google Reader and I’m trying to catch up with all those great writers of those nice blogs, and a lot of those writers have written a lot so I’ve postponed reading their stuff because I like to read it in order, and it becomes a nuisance to scroll to the bottom because once you scroll by something in Google Reader you’ve “read” it, so you have to remember to mark things unread if you get interrupted and don’t finish reading all the things in the queue, and then I finally got to one of my favorite writers, Jon Carroll, and

(grand pause)

I was once again reminded that he’s a great writer.

In this particular case he was writing about taking his daughter to a performance of Cyrano in Ashland, Oregon, and, by her reaction when the lights came up at the end, realizing that she had no idea how the play would end.

Great reading, but also a great reminder of how we as artists can touch people…especially when they have never encountered great art before.

Read it (and weep?) here.

Remember the first time you had that experience? Please leave a comment and tell me about it.

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