Last Week’s Tweets…

by vernsanders on May 24, 2010

Here…for your viewing pleasure, a compilation of the things I found fascinating last week…(Light this past week due to my being on the road most of the week)

  • are we co-conspirators in the destruction of sound worship values? #worship
  • Must we label worship according to style? Read my “Conditional/Trademporary” #worship #churchmusic
  • 101 Great Choir Ideas Tip o the Week: Comments in a choir rehearsal are more constructive after rehearsal is done: #choir
  • Planting Seeds? Sometimes you get to see what you sow: #leadership
  • 10-15 people a day r joining Creator Leadership Network 2 get Monday Morning Email & other gr8 resources #leadership
  • Just listened to a great talk by Philip Copeland on technology 4 choral music…if u are near one of his presentations…go…u will learn
  • Free issue of Creator magazine for church musicians and worship leaders

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