Easter Lamb

by vernsanders on April 3, 2012

For those looking for worship tips, or devotional materials, please know I was being literal in the title.

For some time now it has been our family tradition to have the following dish as the centerpiece of our Easter meal. I know that many people have ham, but if you are looking for something different, I encourage you to try this. We generally eat mid-afternoon. This main course is most often paired with roasted potatoes and a salad, but that tends to change from year to year, so add whatever side dishes you’d like. One more thing, for those who imbibe in adult beverages…we’ve found that the perfect compliment to this dish is a Petite Sirah. Because they tend to be big wines, we will open the bottle before we start cooking so that it can breathe for an hour or more before we pour the first glass…so keep a good bottle of white around as well for the cooking process…

Scilian Lamb

leg of lamb (ask butcher to remove bone) approximately 1 lb per person depending upon appetites

1 large bottle of italian dressing (we most often use Wishbone or the generic equivalent)

1/4 cup of butter (softened)

4 oz blue cheese (the butter and cheese can be increased depending upon the amount of lamb, but the proportion should be half and half)

Marinate lamb for 24 hours in italian dressing. Drain off dressing and cook meat in oven broiler, or preferably on outdoor grill. Do not overcook lamb. Meanwhile, blend cheese and butter together with fork. During last 5 minutes of cooking lamb, baste meat with cheese and butter mixture. Reserve any mixture for the table if there is left over. Cut meat on the diagonal in thin slices.


This blog will be “dark” on Friday as part of my annual fasting discipline. Happy Easter everyone.

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