Last Week’s Tweets…

by vernsanders on April 26, 2010

Here…for your viewing pleasure, a compilation of the things I found fascinating last week…

  • The Blue Sweater…and Leadership: move thru the world with both intellect & compassion, then u have wisdom #leadership
  • Glee in 60 seconds (I think…) #glee #choir
  • do you know about the “never on Sunday” rule? Read “I know how you feel, part 1″ Repost #churchmusic
  • Fred Bock Music Hour – today @ 1pm on the Reverence Channel- #churchmusic
  • Does your church choir need help? Develop The Choir in Modern Worship #churchmusic #leadership
  • Monday Morning Email 2day:7 Question Conversation on Nature of God Newsletter: Direct2MME:
  • Leveraging small groups to grow your church – this is a great idea: #leadership #church
  • Lights, camera, inaction? Let your team manage up, rather than you manage down: #leadership
  • Making Holes not Drills: Lateral thinking and digital storytelling:
  • Brainstorming? Always find a notetaker who is NOT part of the creative process: #leadership
  • Worshipedia is now live! Get a reduced subscription by using the promo code AEF410: #worship
  • links to websites that provide listings of open positions in Music and Worship Ministry #churchmusic
  • Creator magazine’s Top Ten Unique Hymn Stories: #churchmusic #hymns
  • Got an Idea? Just start and let the work teach you #leadership
  • The Blue Sweater…and Leadership: people who seem least like u r usually the ones u need most #leadership
  • The Blue Sweater…and Leadership: there is no currency like trust and no catalyst like hope #leadership
  • Worried? you’ll learn more from your mistakes than from your successes #leadership
  • The Blue Sweater…and Leadership: build a vision as a temple: generations 2 build, no 1 leadership source #leadership
  • Free issue of Creator magazine for church musicians and worship leaders
  • Join the Creator Leadership Network and get the helpful Monday Morning Email resource and other great advantages

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