Do You Celebrate the Fourth of July in Worship? Why?

by vernsanders on June 28, 2011

July 4th is one of those uniquely “local” holidays for the US church musician which can present problems. Other countries have their days as well, like the monarch’s birthday in commonwealth countries, or Bastille Day in France.

I put the word local in quotes, because even though July 4 is a national holiday (unlike June 6, September 11, or December 7, which are days of national remembrance), how the day is celebrated in church is something of a local option. Last year, the church at which I serve cancelled their services in favor of an ecumenical service in the local park. Some churches at which I’ve served have essentially ignored the day. I know that if I were serving in the so-called “Bible Belt” July 4 has the reputation of being third in line, after Christmas and Easter, as a day of outreach.

What do you and your church typically do for Sunday closest to July 4? Leave a comment and tell me what you think about whether that is an appropriate way to celebrate the “Lord’s Day.”

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