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by vernsanders on May 25, 2012

I’ve been working away at preparing for Creator‘s launch of our new MasterClass program of continuing education. In case you haven’t seen the promo, here’s a thumbnail view:

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In 1988, Creator began a series of MasterClass workshops led by distinguished faculty who actually served “on the ground” in churches. MasterClass events were designed to provide a comprehensive continuing education opportunity for working church musicians and worship leaders.

One of the things that made the MasterClass experience unique was that it was designed to continue to serve long after the event. The other unique thing was the sense of what is now called crowdsourcing. At a MasterClass (and I know this because I was a participant at the first event), ministry leaders gathered — and brought their entire staff. The presenters were leaders, but everyone participated in knowledge-based conversations, both during the classes, and after the fact during the event, and back home as the information continued to be processed and implemented in local church ministries. The MasterClass events provided a real opportunity for people — from all parts of the country, serving in a myriad of denominations and leading varying styles of worship — to share what they knew, and celebrate what they had in common.

Over the intervening years, as we all know, travel has gotten to be more of an expensive hassle, and sadly, the MasterClass events were discontinued.

But that’s about to change…

We’ve spent time rethinking the concept, keeping in mind that we wanted each MasterClass to be part of a continuing education curriculum that would help Creator Leadership Network members stay up to date.

We wanted these events to be as accessible as possible so that part time and bi-vocational ministry leaders could participate.

We wanted the topics to be wide-ranging, yet organized so that each Masterclass would stand alone, and still be part of an intentional effort to deepen a ministry leader’s breadth of knowledge in Creator’s four areas of focus: Music – Ministry – Worship – Leadership.

We wanted each Masterclass to add value to you and your ministry.

Our first new MasterClass event is on June 12. You can register next Tuesday (5/29) starting at 9am Pacific, and if you are among the first 10 people to register, we’ll give you some Creator swag. Here’s the link, which will only be live at 9am next Tuesday:

I have a feeling Tuesday is going to be a hectic day…

Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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Janice Timm May 27, 2012 at 12:53 pm

So – what time parameters is the actual class? That’s been the one key piece of information missing. I would like to attend, but will be traveling, so the time is definitely a factor.

vernsanders May 29, 2012 at 8:30 am

Starts at 4:30 Pacific on June 12…lasts about an hour…hope you’ll be able to participate…

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