10 Reasons You Want to Get a Copy of the Next Issue of Creator Magazine

by vernsanders on June 10, 2011

  1. The whole magazine has been re-designed with the help of the design staff at  MGM Communications
  2. The cover will blow your mind (literally…you’ll see when you see it)
  3. A great feature article by Steve Phifer entitled Fire and Form
  4. A brand new layout for our Select 20 anthem reviews with links to detailed reviews at our new website
  5. A “spotlight” interview with Dan Stokes, Director of Music Ministries at Christ Church United Methodist in Louisville
  6. Our new “good stuff” feature telling you about some of our favorite things
  7. An interesting article by Jody Pendleton entitled Worship Oncology…you’ll have to read it to understand why he says “worship is the chemotherapy for the soul”
  8. Did I mention that the magazine has been totally re-designed?
  9. We introduce a new feature called “last page” where readers get the “last word”: this time, Doug Lawrence asks and answers the question “Where Did I Go Wrong in Worship?”
  10. Even more good stuff that I can’t list because I’ve run out of space

Want to get a copy? Click Here

Want to write the last word for an upcoming issue? Please leave a comment and let me know.

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