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by vernsanders on March 9, 2010

Right now we are running a survey at Creator‘s website asking “How long has your church website had its current design.” I’ve been looking at that question for a few days now and thinking that it is important for a church to keep their website current.

But I’ve also been thinking about a church at which I served that kept a current website…their activities were updated regularly, the monthly newsletter was posted online when it was in the mail, etc. Yet the design of that website was so dated, and the navigation through the website was so convoluted, that the up-to-date information was, in a sense, wasted.

Like at lot of things that churches do, websites are often seen but not perceived. The people who update don’t see how it looks anymore, because their task is to do the update. The people who are in leadership don’t see how it looks anymore because they don’t go there…they’ve got a website because you’re supposed to have one, but they don’t understand, or don’t care, or don’t want to know, or don’t have the time to see what a website can do. The congregants don’t see it because they get all their information from the church secretary. And the community at large doesn’t see it…more than once…

And, worst of all, so many churches have a “website out of a box” that has no relation to the church’s character, corporate culture, or role in the community. Somebody installed it, then left, and the updating goes on…and on…and on…

Have you taken a good look at your church website lately? What do you see?

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