My tweets from last week…

by vernsanders on February 15, 2010

Here…for your viewing pleasure, a compilation of the things I found fascinating last week…

  • Monday Morning Email 2day: Hugh Ballou talks about conflict @ church
  • RT @FastChurch churches closing and pastors leaving #leadership
  • Does a church musician/worship leader always have to play “second fiddle”? #churchmusic
  • Roger Anthony explores Collaborative Leadership #leadership
  • Fred Bock Music Hour – on the Reverence Channel- #churchmusic
  • R U an avid reader? My daughter swears by @paperbackswap:
  • What makes a Great Team? Brad Lomenick (@bradlomenick) explains clearly: #leadership
  • 4 ways to use social media in capital campaigns: #leadership
  • Doug Lawrence (@DougLaw) presents Doug’s Master Class @ 2pm on the Reverence Channel- #churchmusic
  • Are you on #Facebook? Connect with Creator Leadership Network at – #leadership
  • 7 Questions to help individuate your church’s vision: #leadership
  • Useful church forms: Worship plan sheet-9 wk worship review-Choir rep form-Media Cue sheet & more… #leadership
  • Robert Webber on Holy Week in the Early Church #worship
  • Does your church choir need help? Develop The Choir in Modern Worship #churchmusic #leadership
  • 5 Things you should be giving your followers Thanks Margaret Marcuson (@Marcuson)
  • RT @FastChurch Seven Leadership Questions Teams Should Be Asking & 7 more to individuate vision
  • Can the 1000 True Fans model be applied to value creative IP in a church setting? Read & decide: #churchmusic
  • The SingerLink: a great resource for singers #singing
  • Worship Quote of the Week #worship #leadership
  • Descriptive or emotional? What words to use to describe worship? Repost #churchmusic
  • RT @CopyrightSolver Using music in church services #worship #copyright
  • Know the origin of Guitar Hero? See the fascinating story…
  • Join the Creator Leadership Network and get the helpful Monday Morning Email resource and other great advantages
  • RT @RuelBass blended and balanced worship – does your church include “familiar” in that definition? #worship
  • Seth Godin’s 3 part definition of art…#2 is my fav #art
  • Developing an idea for a ministry tool or strategy. #leadership #churchmusic #worship
  • How to build DIY Anthems for those Sundays when you really need something quick and easy #churchmusic
  • Free issue of Creator magazine for church musicians and worship leaders
  • Great leaders inspire trust #leadership
  • Jim and Caspar go to Church – great insights #leadership
  • Judy Hunnicutt outlines a service of Lessons and Music for Lent with repertoire suggestions #churchmusic
  • links to websites that provide listings of open positions in Music and Worship Ministry #churchmusic
  • RT @changingworship: Blogging: Top Ten Myths About the Emerging Church (thanks @emergentvillage)
  • Is a car the best place to decide what music to use for worship? #churchmusic #leadership
  • Must we label worship according to style? Read my “Conditional/Trademporary” #worship #churchmusic
  • Are we disinfecting ourselves from the reality of life?
  • 100 Creative Business Cards.
  • 41 Important Books for the Church Musician/Worship Leader #worship #church music #leadership
  • Dangerous Decibels (and it’s not just about loud) Definitely something to think about #churchmusic #worship
  • Top 10 signs your church needs a new website design (I like #9) #leadership
  • Marketing your church…saying so doesn’t make it so… #leadership
  • Reverence Channel on CLN 24/7 streaming audio help for church musicians #churchmusic #leadership

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