Friday the Thirteenth

by vernsanders on April 13, 2012

You’re either reading this because of the headline…or, well, you’re reading this because of the headline.

These infrequent, yet regular, calendar-phobic days do weird things to people, but really? I’ve lived through an advanced number of years of these things, and, particularly given the nature of humans’ tendency to remember the bad and forget the good, I have no long-term memory of any catastrophic (that’s with a small c to distinguish its application to my own life) or Catastrophic (you know…) event happening on a F/13. My daughter was born on a 13th of the month, so from time to time her birthday occurs on F/13, and I’ve never heard her talk about having a “bad” day.

Yet…statistically speaking, bad things have to happen on F/13s. It’s the nature of probability. So my apologies to those who have a mad-on for this day, and especially to those who have had catastrophic things happen to them on a F/13.

Still…in life as in baseball, superstitions are hard to shake. So to hopefully brighten your day, here’s a little diversion…

How about you? F/13 hater? Stay in bed all day? Please leave a comment and let me know your attitude.

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Janice Timm April 15, 2012 at 1:42 pm

ahh – just read it because I always read your blog, Vern – not because of the headline!

vernsanders April 15, 2012 at 4:59 pm

and please accept my thanks for your doing so… :)

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