Are You Worried?

by vernsanders on September 11, 2012

Yesterday’s GoDaddy outage affected this blog as well as thousands, if not millions, of other websites. Poof…we were all gone. Does that worry you? One of the issues with centralizing everything is something the military has known for like ever… if you cut off the head, the body dies.

As more and more information, both trivial and critical, gets stored “in the cloud,” a part of me thinks it becomes an attractive target. I guess it is like nuclear energy or any other volatile matter: in the wrong hands it becomes a real problem. And in the hands of AI (and before you ask who “Al” is, that is a reference to A(rtificial) I(telligence), you just might get Skynet.

There’s a leadership lesson here someplace…and more than just “keep backups.” Checks and balances serve any large entity well if they are paid attention to…they prevent things from “going rogue…” Food for thought on this anniversary day…

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