RIP Dave Brubeck

by vernsanders on December 5, 2012

This is getting to be a bad habit…or perhaps it is because I’m getting old…

Dave Brubeck was kind of a legend in my hometown. He had gone to the (then) College of the Pacific and on to bigger things. While I was in high school, the quartet came and played a free gig. It was outdoors, on a sunny day. I remember that I there was no “security” per se, so I managed to lean against a pillar not more than 5-10 feet to the right of his hands on the keyboard. Desmond had that sweet sound, but Brubeck drove the bus, so to speak. And while they were “serious” players, I remember them having fun internally, which is something that just can’t be explained to a non musician. It was a great example of really good musicians playing, which is why we call it that…

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